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Defensive Tools

A tournament player's manual
Nivå C-D
Utgivelsesdato Mars 2021
Pris 280 NOK
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En innholdsrik bok som blir spillerens praktiske verktøykasse av ulike varianter i forsvarskunst i sjakkpartier. Masse instruktive eksempler å bli inspirert av, og 48 treningsoppgaver til slutt. En nyttig bok for litt sterke spillere.

Forlagets egen omtale:

"We talk a lot about defence in chess but rarely try to break this major notion down into elements that constitute it and, importantly, that we can systematically learn. This book does exactly that. It is suitable for players of all levels aiming to improve their game. It may be especially appropriate for coaches because of its systematized character."

GM Adrian Mikhalchishin

Fra forordet:

Our aim was to capture the perspective of an active tournament player who will inevitably experience his fair share of situa-tions on the board when he/she will have to defend. To do that effi ciently, a number of means and skills have been developed through analytical research, and decades (or better, centuries) of tournament practice. Some like to call them tools and so shall we.

We may imagine this book as a set of useful tools, waiting to be mastered. When they are, they will be ready to use. We need not pretend to have discovered any thing new; we rather look at it as an attempt to pre-sent and explain a set of tools which an ambitious, hard working play-er in progress should master and be aware of at all times during tour-nament battle. It may be useful for coaches as well.

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