Sjakk-bøker Åpningsbøker 1 e4-åpninger Siciliansk

DragonMasters - Vol. 1

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Utgivelsesdato Januar 2024
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En annerledes, innholdsrik og fascinerende lærerik åpningsbok, om historien, berømte partier og ideer i selveste Dragevarianten i siciliansk: 1 e4 c5 2 Sf3 d6 3 d4 cxd4 4 Sxd4 Sf6 5 Sc3 g6. Denne første går fram til en gang på 1980-tallet.

Forlagets egen omtale

Andrew Burnett is a Scottish FM who has represented his country on several occasions. He is the author of cult classic Streetfighting Chess and his love of the Dragon opening stretches back to his teenage years when he was looking to escape from 1.e4 e5! He is currently working on the second volume of DragonMasters.

DragonMasters volume 1 charts the history of the most exciting and dangerous opening known to chess: the Dragon variation of the Sicilian Defence.

Unlike almost all other books on the Dragon, the focus is not purely on theoretical developments. Instead, the author has combined the most historically important games, the famous players who chose to fight either side (sometimes both sides!) of the opening, and the most unexpected and interesting stories featuring the Dragon. World champions, contenders for the crown, codebreakers, revolutionaries in every sense of the word, all feature in this remarkable and entirely unique look into the history of an opening variation. As the ancient maps say: Here be Dragons!



011 An Openings Book Like No Other
015 Preface
025 Introduction
027 Chapter 1: In the beginning
047 Chapter 2: Bird's Folly
065 Chapter 3: The World's Finest Discover the Dragon
085 Chapter 4: DragonMasters and DragonAmateurs
111 Chapter 5: Hypermodernism and beyond
131 Chapter 6: Botvinnik's Trilogy
153 Chapter 7: The War Years
203 Chapter 8: The Post-War Years
225 Chapter 9: When Giants take sides
265 Chapter 10: Revolution in the 60s?
283 Chapter 11: The Yugoslav Attack
311 Chapter 12: DragonMasters and DragonWriters
337 Chapter 13: Candidates and Contenders
359 Chapter 14: The English Connection
375 Chapter 15: The Dragon is Dead! Long Live the Dragon?
387 Games Index
393 Name Index
399 Opening Index
401 Bibliography
403 Acknowledgments
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