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Keep It Simple 1.e4 - Edition 2.0

Utgivelsesdato Oktober 2023
Pris 410 NOK
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Faktisk en formidabel innbundet bok om å spille 1.e4, stor, men pedagogisk og ikke unødig detaljert.

Forlagets egen omtale

Coach Christof has thoroughly revised and updated his 2018 best-selling chess opening manual. It covers everything you need to know when opening with 1.e4. You will get a complete White chess opening repertoire.

Why is this opening repertoire called simple? For the simple reason that the variations are easy to remember and require little or no maintenance.

International Master Christof Sielecki has created a hit series with his reliable opening lines for chess players of almost all levels. He developed this repertoire by working with students looking for something easy to understand and learn. Sielecki always clearly explains the plans and counter plans and keeps you focused on the position's requirements. Ambitious players rated 1500 or higher will benefit from studying this extremely accessible book.

Christof Sielecki is an International Master from Germany. He has taught and trained chess for many years and runs a popular YouTube channel called ChessExplained. He won numerous awards with his course on Chessable and has created three volumes of the Keep it Simple opening manuals.



007 Preface
010 SECTION A Open Games
016 Chapter 1 Ruy Lopez: 3...a6 4.♗a4 ♘f6 5.d3 b5 6.♗b3 ♗c5
032 Chapter 2 Ruy Lopez: 3...a6 4.♗a4 ♘f6 5.d3 b5 6.♗b3 ♗e7
057 Chapter 3 Ruy Lopez: sidelines after 3...a6 4. ♗a4 ♘f6 5.d3
079 Chapter 4 Ruy Lopez: Berlin Defence 3...♘f6
103 Chapter 5 Ruy Lopez: defences with an early ...♗c5
122 Chapter 6 Ruy Lopez: the early ...d6
137 Chapter 7 Ruy Lopez: Schliemann Gambit 3...f5
150 Chapter 8 Ruy Lopez: early sidelines
174 Chapter 9 Petroff Defence
203 Chapter 10 1.e4 e5 2.♘f3: other moves
217 SECTION B Sicilian Defence
219 Chapter 11 Moscow Variation: 2...d6 3.♗b5+ ♗d7
250 Chapter 12 Moscow Variation: 2...d6 3.♗b5+ ♘d7
274 Chapter 13 Rossolimo Variation: 2...♘c6 3.♗b5 g6
302 Chapter 14 Rossolimo Variation: 2...♘c6 3.♗b5 d6/e6
328 Chapter 15 Rossolimo Variation: 2...♘c6 3.♗b5, sidelines
342 Chapter 16 2...e6 3.c3: 3...d5 and other third moves
363 Chapter 17 2...e6 3.c3: 3...♘f6
375 Chapter 18 2.♘f3: sidelines on move 2
388 SECTION C French Defence
392 Chapter 19 Tarrasch Variation: 3...♘f6
413 Chapter 20 Tarrasch Variation: 3...c5
444 Chapter 21 Tarrasch Variation: other lines
459 SECTION D Caro-Kann Defence
462 Chapter 22 Exchange Variation: sidelines
475 Chapter 23 Exchange Variation: main line
495 SECTION E Scandinavian Defence
497 Chapter 24 3...♕a5
512 Chapter 25 3...♕d6/3...♕d8
528 Chapter 26 Sidelines: 2.exd5 ♘f6 3.♗b5+
534 SECTION F 1 . . .d6 and 1 . . .g6
537 Chapter 27 Pirc Defence
556 Chapter 28 Modern Defence
576 Chapter 29 1...d6 2.d4 ♘f6 3.♘c3: other defences
591 SECTION G 1 .e4: other replies
593 Chapter 30 Alekhine’s Defence
607 Chapter 31 Owen’s Defence and Nimzowitsch Defence
619 Index of names
620 Index of variations
630 Explanation of symbols
631 Author’s biography and Acknowledgements
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