Sjakk-bøker Taktikk, kombinasjoner og angrep Kombinasjonsoppgaver

Make Your Move!

From the pages of Chess Life
Nivå C-D
Utgivelsesdato September 2022
Pris 200 NOK
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Den dyktige dansk-amerikanske sjakkforfatteren FM Carsten Hansen gir ut en perfekt samling av taktiske oppgaver fra spalten sin i tidsskriftet Chess Life. Drøyt 200 ikke helt enkle, men heller ikke håpløst vanskelige stillinger.

Tydelige gode diagrammer. En fin arbeidsbok å gjerne ta med seg på tur!

Utgiverens egen omtale:

In the present book, you will be challenged more than 200 times with positions taken from the author's popular Chess Life (in italics) column.

Each set of puzzles contain three easy puzzles, three medium puzzles, and three difficult puzzles.

Working through the puzzles and then carefully playing through the annotated solutions will help you to improve your tactical radar as well as your calculation skills.

Fra introduksjonen til boka, av redaktøren i Chess Life:

So, when I decided that I wanted to bring a monthly tactics column to Chess Life, I began to think about who I might ask to take on such a duty. It might not seem like much work to find a handful of positions each month, but as someone who once wrote a monthly column himself, let me assure you that having to turn in text every four weeks can be a real grind.

As it turned out, there was only one person I wanted for this job. And fortunately for me, he was amenable.

FM Carsten Hansen has shown himself - both online in his Twitter and Facebook posts, and in his print books - to be immensely skilled at both selecting positions for solving and explaining the underlying ideas in his solutions. Every month he provides Chess Life readers with nine terrific tactical tests, each with pithy hints or nudges in case one gets stuck.

This book contains the best of Carsten’s work for Chess Life , or, perhaps better put, his best work so far . I hope you enjoy solving these puzzles and that your time spent doing so translates into concrete results over the board.

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