Manual of the Endgame in Chess

Utgivelsesdato Mars 2024
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In this book, German-English Grandmaster Mieses has selected material from all types of endings relevant to players that vary from beginners to experienced club players.

The first part of the book concerns itself mostly with relevant endgame techniques, whereas the second part includes a section with practical endgames played by various top players from Mieses' active career, such as Lasker, Tarrasch, Nimzowitsch, Rubinstein, Steinitz, Maroczy, as well as Mieses himself and several more from the classic period of chess up to the mid-1930.

All the examples and the accompanying analysis have been re-examined by Carsten Hansen.

There is lots of exciting material to examine and learn from for dedicated students.


003 Editor's Notes
004 Prefatory Remarks
007 Part 1: Some Simple Mates
010 Part 2: Queening Pawns
011 Chapter 1: King And Pawn Endings
042 Chapter 2: Endings with Pieces against Pawns
066 Chapter 3: Endings with Pieces on Both Sides
096 Chapter 4: Some Common Finesses and Traps
106 Chapter 5: Final Considerations
108 Part 3: Fifteen Endgames From Master Chess
153 Index of Games
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