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Marvelous Modern Miniatures

Nivå B-D
Utgivelsesdato Februar 2021
Pris 295 NOK
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En formidabel samling av hele 2020 miniatyrpartier inntil 20 trekk, sortert etter åpninger og alle kommentert på de viktigste punktene. Høyst lærerikt både for åpningsspillet og generelt med mange taktiske temaer i konsentrert form.

Den USA-bosatte dansken Carsten Hansen har blitt en svært solid sjakkforfatter ikke minst når det gjelder åpningsspillet. Dette må likevel være hovedverket hans så langt, og nå Bibelen på området miniartyrpartier i sjakk.

En slik bok ville mange av oss ha kastet oss over i unge år ved sjakkbrettet, men først her kom en så desidert sjanse.

Den anerkjente tyske sjakkforfatteren og stormesteren Karsten Müller har skrevet forordet.

Forlagets egen omtale:

Enter the world of chess miniatures where games are decided in 20 moves or less! Marvelous Modern Miniatures features the largest collection of miniatures chess games played in the last half-century. Over 500 pages of cut and thrust!

Although every player is rated at least 2100, the overwhelming majority are strong masters or grandmasters. You will follow them as they do battle with tactical fireworks raging around them.

The surprising depth of the annotations (each one of the 2,020 games has meaningful comments) turns this book into a virtual course on tactics. Looking for traps and pitfalls in your favorite openings? You’ll probably find them here. Marvelous Modern Miniatures will improve your tactical skills and alertness and sharpen your opening play. As a bonus, the entire collection is immensely enjoyable!

Fra forfatterens innledning:

Three years ago, I was sitting in a hotel room in Bremen, Germany, when the publisher reached out to meabout an idea for a major game collection based on miniatures. I had been writing several books on the topicof miniatures; it seemed like a perfect fit.

I first became interested in miniatures (games in 20 moves or less) when reading Bent Larsen’s newspapercolumns in the Danish newspaper Ekstrabladet. Frequently, all he had room for was a short game or a gamefragment, but it was those short games that caught my attention: how was it possible for a game between two strong players to end so quickly and often so brutally? Part of it, undoubtedly had to be home preparation,but that surely could not be the only answer. Nevertheless, I worked on my opening preparation and did occasionally win games quickly; I even used some of the ideas I had come across in Larsen’s column.

Several years later, I realized that the tactical ideas in these miniatures had real instructive value. When creating this book, I have tried to cover as many openings as possible, featuring nearly every ECO code from A00 toE99. Some of the more popular ECO codes, such as B80-89 – the Scheveningen Sicilian – will feature more games than lines played less frequently.

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