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Mastering Mates 2

Nivå B-C
Utgivelsesdato September 2014
Pris 250 NOK
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1111 oppgaver der studenten skal sette matt i 2, 3, 4 og noen få ganger flere trekk. Stillingene er hentet fra spilte partier. Fin trening for spillere med rating helt opp til cirka 1800-2000.

Utgiverens omtale:

Improve Your Checkmate Power!

This second volume in the Mastering Mate series provides readers with a serious challenge – 1,111 checkmates in two, three, four and more moves. By solving these problems, you will develop proficiency in all of the major checkmating patterns.

There is much more here than the simple presentation of positions to solve. Mastering Mates 2 includes a full range of checkmates from real-life middlegames and endgames.

By solving these here, you will be much more likely to solve them when you meet them over the board, and you will more likely to reach such positions with the confidence of knowing that you can finish off your opponents in style.

With practice, readers will develop considerable tactical prowess by confronting and solving these problems. Build your mental muscles right here, by mastering mate!

Jon Edwards won the 10th United States Correspondence Chess Championship in 1997 and the 8th North American Invitational Correspondence Chess Championship in 1999. He is the author of 'Sacking the Citadel: The History, Theory and Practice of the Classic Bishop Sacrifice', and 'ChessBase Complete'.

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Type Bok
Språk Engelsk
Antall sider 240

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