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New In Chess Magazine 2017 / 5

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Utgivelsesdato August 2017
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Levon Aronian er en hovedperson i dette praktfulle nummeret av NIC Magazine, og intervjues etter blant annet sin elegante seier over Magnus i Norway Chess. Godbitene er som alltid mange, se selv:

Innhold i dette nummeret:

Smart bear: An amazing, chess-loving pet.

NIC’s Café: Conor McGregor, another boxer that loves our game, and scantily-clad ladies (playing chess) that got a Tory MP in trouble.

Your Move: The World Champion’s manners. And a letter from Prague by David Navara.

The strongest tournament ever: How high does Altibox Norway Chess 2017 reach on the list?

Fair & Square: Does Madeleine Albright agree that international relations is like a game of chess?

Clash of the Titans: Norway Chess celebrated five years of top-flight chess in Stavanger with a stunning line-up replete with today’s stars. Levon Aronian stole the World Champion’s limelight when he defeated him in a game for the ages to claim one of his finest victories.

Celeb64: Heath Ledger

Interview: Levon Aronian A lively, at times philosophical talk about Magnus, Tal, Bruckner, Yerevan, San Sebastian and the other good things in life.

Judit Polgar’s column: On Peter Leko, a most reliable force on the first board of the Hungarian team.

Deep thinking?: Jonathan Rowson wrote an enthralling review of Garry Kasparov’s masterful new book on his matches against the computer and the future of AI.

Grand Chess Tour de France: Magnus Carlsen won the first leg of the GCT, but the World Champion needed a tiebreak after local hero Maxime Vachier-Lagrave went on the rampage in the blitz.

Maximize Your Tactics: Find the right moves.

Short Stories: Nigel Short visited the Cayman Islands, where a fine chess seed seems to have fallen on fertile soil.

Magnus reloaded: Hot on the heels of his Paris triumph, the World Champion also claimed the Your Next Move leg of the GCT in Leuven.

SOS: the Simple Scotch: An effective weapon against a venerable opening.

China wins World Teams: Without losing a single game, China defended their title in Khanty-Mansiysk. A report by the one and only Adhiban Baskaran.

Chess Pattern Recognition: Silently sacking the exchange.

Sadler on Books 'What makes a really good book?’

Matlakov European Champion Jan Timman takes a look at the top-finishers in Minsk.

Just Checking What is Vidit Gujrathi’s greatest fear?

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