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The Secrets of the Opposite-Coloured Bishop Endings 1

Nivå C-D
Utgivelsesdato Desember 2010
Pris 190 NOK
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Den første spesialbok om det interessante temaet ulikefargede løpersluttspill, og første av to bind som kommer. Forfatteren er IM og en merittert ungarsk sjakktrener.

Denne første boka har undertittelen: "The Fight for Lonely Bishops". Antagelig mest en bok for interesserte spillere med ratingstyrke omlag 1300 og oppover.


Dear reader, you are holding the first part of a two-volume work in your hands. I'd like to lead you to a world mysterious and unknown even to trained chess players, in fact, more or less to grandmasters. I trust that reading this book will give you not only joy and entertainment but it will also help you to understand these extremely interesting and exiting endgames. Furthermore, I hope that as as result, later on you will be able to successfully adopt in practice all that you learn from this book. The topics are the following: The three positions of the introductory part shed light on what urged me to deal in such minuteness of detail with opposite-coloured bishop endings. In the basic positions I arranged in a row the most important types of positions of connected and split pawns, the self-confident knowledge of which is essential to be able to solve the more complicated, multi pawn positions. In the examples of practical endings you can see all the virtues and errors which spring from the knowledge, or the lack of it, of the rules of opposite-coloured bishop endings. The epilogue supports all that was written , and briefly summarizes the rules. I should like to express my special thanks to my ex-pupil GM Ferenc Berkes for his many and profound analysing work, and for always finding time to discuss any newly arisen, interesting-looking positions with me.
IM Gyula Mészáros"

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Type Bok
Språk Engelsk
Antall sider 160