Perpetual Chess Improvement

Utgivelsesdato Oktober 2023
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In a world awash in educational chess content, knowing how to study the game most effectively can be challenging.

As the Perpetual Chess Podcast host, USCF Master Ben Johnson has spent hundreds of hours talking chess with many of the world’s top players and most accomplished trainers. In the popular Adult Improver Series, he has spoken with dozens of passionate amateurs who have elevated their games significantly while pursuing chess as a hobby.

Guests like former World Champion Viswanathan Anand and YouTube Stars IM Levy Rozman and GM Hikaru Nakamura have shared insights and told memorable stories. And Ben has learned just as much from the many dedicated amateurs who applied their considerable professional (non-chess) experience to their chess learning.

In Perpetual Chess Improvement, Ben looks for common ground and shared principles in all chess advice given on the podcast. Chess players do not always agree on the best improvement methods, so he even adjudicates a few disagreements! The book will show you the following:

  • How to approach and study different aspects of the game, including openings, endgames, tactics, tournament games, and speed chess.

  • How to find a chess coach and a like-minded chess community.

  • How to properly utilize all the powerful chess study tools available.

  • Instructive chess positions illustrate the topics discussed.

The guests shared a wealth of beautiful stories, and chess study advice on the Perpetual Chess Podcast. This book compiles the highlights and will help you make a holistic plan for your chess studies.

Ben Johnson is a USCF Master and accomplished chess coach. In 2016, he started the Perpetual Chess Podcast, the most successful chess podcast, with over five million downloads and streams in over a hundred different countries - and counting. Ben grew up in Philadelphia and lives in New Jersey with his family. Before dedicating his life to chess, he was a professional poker player and a stock trader.



007 Foreword by Ben Finegold
008 Preface
017 Part I The four pillars of chess improvement
019 Chapter 1 Tournament games and their substitutes
025 Chapter 2 Game analysis
034 Chapter 3 Calculation and pattern recognition
046 Chapter 4 Coaches, chess friends and mentors
055 Part II Other aspects of chess you may want to work on
057 Chapter 5 Do amateurs overemphasize opening study?
070 Chapter 6 Must you know endgames?
080 Chapter 7 Mimicking the masters
089 Chapter 8 Board visualization and blindfold chess
096 Chapter 9 How to approach speed
103 Chapter 10 Tactics redux
109 Part III Working on your game away from the board
111 Chapter 11 Status and titles
125 Chapter 12 Chess checklists
133 Chapter 13 Habits and identity
137 Chapter 14 Plateaus
144 Chapter 15 Deliberate practice and chess study
151 Chapter 16 Over-the-board tournament routines
159 Chapter 17 Playing against children
165 Chapter 18 Rest, fitness and mindfulness
169 Part IV Tools of improvement
172 Chapter 19 Chess books
182 Chapter 20 How to use the chess sites
186 Chapter 21 Chessbase and Lichess studies
190 Chapter 22 Extracting lessons from Stockfish and Leela
198 Chapter 23 Optimizing Chessable
204 Chapter 24 Chess YouTube
209 Part V Final thoughts on incorporating chess study into your life
211 Chapter 25 Quantity vs quality
216 Chapter 26 Parting advice and reminders
220 Chapter 27 Games
233 Index of names
237 Explanation of symbols
239 Acknowledgements
241 Bibliography
245 About the author
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