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Power Play 28: Tactics Toolbox The King's Gambit

Utgivelsesdato August 2020
Pris 330 NOK
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En lærerik, frisk oppfølger av ferdigheter i Kongegambit, for eksempel fra Power Play 27. Denne åpningen har nettopp masse taktikk og fine muligheter for den med et våkent hode og ideer som Daniel King gjerne gir deg!

*ChessBase sin egen omtale:

In the King’s Gambit, there is action in the centre right from the start, so tactics play a massive part in the game. Daniel King presents 50 puzzle positions in video format, all arising from the King’s Gambit. They feature typical tactics from the opening, so this is a great way of becoming familiar with the tricks and traps that you can set your opponent.

Many of the puzzles have been selected on the basis of the repertoire for White that Daniel King recommends in Power Play 27, so you can also use this DVD as a refresher course. Apart from anything else, these puzzles are simply good exercises in calculation. In some of the positions you’ll have to find just one move using the interactive software. In some of the games there will be a follow-up question too. There is also a database of games featuring 101 supplementary puzzles for you to solve.

  • 50 puzzle positions in interactive video format
  • Clear explanation of tactical themes
  • Refresher of King’s Gambit repertoire
  • 101 supplementary puzzles to solve

• Video running time: 3 hours 35 Minutes (English) • With interactive training including video feedback • Extra: Database with more examples

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Type DVD
Språk Engelsk

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