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Rock Solid Chess

Tiviakov's Unbeatable Strategies: Pawn Structures
Nivå C-D
Utgivelsesdato Januar 2023
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Tiviakovs bok blir mye av en moderne klassiker. Her er det solid kunnskap og erfaring om hvordan behandle stillingene etter åpningen. Han øser av et bunnsolid fundament, og huskes også for sterke foredrag i Norge for endel år siden.

Forlagets egen omtale:

Sergei Tiviakov was unbeaten for a consecutive 110 professional chess games as a grandmaster, a record that has only been broken by World Champion Magnus Carlsen. Who better to teach you rock-solid chess strategy than Tiviakov. He was born in Russia and trained in the famous Russian chess school. In his first book, he explains everything he knows about the fundament of chess strategy: pawn structures.

If chess players trust that their knowledge of opening theory and tactics is enough to survive in tournament play, they are mistaken. Once you settle down for your game and the first moves have been played, you will need a deeper understanding of the middlegame. And one of the most challenging questions is: how to navigate different pawn structures?

Sergei Tiviakov gives you all the answers in this first volume of his highly instructive series on chess strategy. 'Tivi' is famous for his deep chess knowledge and rock-solid positional play. He has gathered a rich collection of strategic lessons he has been teaching worldwide, drawing mainly from his personal experience. The examples and exercises will improve your chess significantly and are suitable for any reader from club player to grandmaster level.


007 Foreword by Anna Ushenina

009 Foreword by Jorden van Foreest

011 Preface by Sergei Tiviakov

013 Preface by Yulia Gökbulut

015 Introduction

Human chess versus computer chess

041 How should you read this book?

042 Chapter 1) Pawn majority on one flank

077 Chapter 2) Doubled pawns, part one

102 Chapter 3) Doubled pawns, part two

125 Chapter 4) Semi-open files in the centre

162 Chapter 5) One open file in the centre

198 Chapter 6) Two open files in the centre

228 Chapter 7) The double fianchetto

259 Conclusion

260 Explanation of symbols

261 Index of names

263 Bibliography

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