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The Art of the Endgame 2nd

Utgivelsesdato August 2023
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All through his career Jan Timman has been captivated by the mystery and splendour of endgame studies. Even during his most successful and busy years as a world-class player, Timman continued to compose studies and admire those of others. For him, there has never been any doubt that his journeys in this magical world helped him to grow as a player.

In this fascinating book, first published in 2011, Timman has collected studies by other composers and explains in his lucid style how they inspired him to create dozens of brand-new studies.

Timman has revised the book for this new edition. With the help of engines, Timman discovered that a few studies needed to be corrected or had alternative solutions. He removed six studies and replaced another six with better versions. And fourteen new studies have been added, two of which are published here for the first time.

Jan Timman is a former world championship candidate who rose to number two on the FIDE world rankings. He is the author of several highly acclaimed bestsellers, such as Timman’s Titans and Max Euwe’s Best Games. He was awarded the title of FIDE Master of Composition in 2022.



007 Preface
011 Preface to this revised edition
012 Chapter 1) Miniature Studies
022 Chapter 2) Rook versus Bishop
032 Chapter 3) Preventing Pawn Promotion
057 Chapter 4) Various Promotion Combinations
081 Chapter 5) Knight Promotions
097 Chapter 6) Bishop Promotions
117 Chapter 7) Mating Patterns
141 Chapter 8) Stalemate Patterns
161 Chapter 9) Mutual Zugzwang
175 Chapter 10) Building a Fortress
190 Chapter 11) Systematic Manoeuvres
212 Chapter 12) The Disappearing Trick
234 Chapter 13) Three Themes
246 Chapter 14) Various Endgame Studies
253 Index of names
255 Explanation of Symbols
256 Acknowledgements
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Type Bok
Førsteutgave år 2011
Språk Engelsk
Antall sider 264

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