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The Exchange Sacrifice

A Practical Guide
Nivå C-D
Utgivelsesdato April 2016
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Å ofre tårn for en lett offiser er blant sjakkspillernes mer avanserte våpen. Når, hvorfor og hvordan er det bra og når er det ikke? Dette er en første spesialbok om emnet, med 197 mesterpartier og testoppgaver til slutt.

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The Inscrutable Exchange Sacrifice! The exchange sacrifice, giving up a rook for a bishop or knight, is one of the more mysterious concepts for most players to fathom. In this book – the first of its kind dedicated exclusively to the various types of positional exchange sacrifices – Belarussian grandmaster Sergey Kasparov weighs the pros and cons of this sacrifice – when it should be “on,” and when not.

With almost 200 annotated games, he examines common themes in exchange sacrifices, including Domination, Fighting for the Initiative, Utilizing an Advantage, Launching an Attack against the King, Reducing Your Opponent’s Offensive Potential, Destroying a Pawn Chain, Building a Fortress, Activating Your Bishop, and much more. He also takes a look at a selection of games by former world champions Tigran Petrosian and Anatoly Karpov and their handling of this sacrifice.

This book has the ability to add an important, practical dimension to your game – the positional exchange sacrifice. Whether you are evaluating the possibility of sacrificing the exchange, or perhaps preparing to defend against it, Sergey Kasparov’s ground-breaking work will help you sort things out. It is a practical guide which makes the exchange sacrifice more, well, scrutable!



004 Signs & Symbols
005 Introduction
Part I - The Games of Two World Champions
007 Chapter 1 The Exchange Sacrifice in Games of Tigran Petrosian
023 Chapter 2 The Exchange Sacrifice in Games of Anatoly Karpov
Part II: Common Themes in Exchange Sacrifices
046 Chapter 3 Domination
062 Chapter 4 Fighting for the Initiative
087 Chapter 5 Trying to "Muddy the Waters"
108 Chapter 6 Utilizing an Advantage
120 Chapter 7 Simply the Best
134 Chapter 8 Launching an Attack against the King
150 Chapter 9 Reducing Your Opponent’s Offensive Potential
165 Chapter 10 Destroying a Pawn Chain
188 Chapter 11 Building a Fortress
221 Chapter 12 Activating Your Bishop
243 Conclusion
244 Exercises
250 Solutions
252 Game Index
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