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The French Defence - Vol. 2

Structures, Tactics and plans
Utgivelsesdato Juni 2022
Pris 330 NOK
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The French Defence is an opening with a marked strategic character, but it also offers rich tactical possibilities to both sides. This video course is aimed as a tactical guide for Black, featuring the most typical combinations for the French structures. The reader is also invited to find combinations delivered by White, in order to become aware of the possible dangers. For virtually all types of white combinations, the video course features symmetrical equivalents for Black, but also tests how Black can withstand the White aggression.

38 Games are presented with more than 100 questions to solve. Themes: Pawn Chains (e6, d5, c4; e5, d4, b2), The French Isolani and The French Bishop.

Video running time: 4 hours (English)

With interactive training including video feedback

Extra: Training with ChessBase apps - Play key positions against Fritz on various levels



Sacrifice vs the pawn chain: e6-d5-c4
Example 1: Parma-Gulbrandsen
Example 2: Petrosian-Vocaturo
Example 3: Almasi-Knaak
Example 4: Reti-Spielmann
Example 5: Fuchs-Richter
Example 6: Hug-Portisch
Example 7: Khalifman-Gulko
Example 8: Efimenko-Socko
Example 9: Ni-Hua Pham
Example 10: Pillsbury-Lasker
Example 11: Kortschnoj-Udovcic
Example 12: Georgiev-Borngaesser
Example 13: Saric-Batchuluun

Sacrifice vs the pawn chain: e5-d4-c3-b2
Example 1: Schories-Zander
Example 2: Bartuszat-Kuebart
Example 3: Reshevsky-Vaganian
Example 4: Gotschall-Tarrasch
Example 5: Vorobets-Matskevic
Example 6: Paavilainen-Vaisser
Example 7: Mista-Navara
Example 8: Volf-Horak
Example 9: De Rosa-Marin

The "French Bishop" Bc8
Example 1: Spassky-Kortschnoj
Example 2: Kovalev-Lupulescu
Example 3: Tal-Wiedenkeller
Example 4: Rozentalis-Satyapragyan
Example 5: Zherebukh-Sadorra
Example 6: Matsenko-Savenkov

The "French Isolani"
Example 1: Simacek-Jobava
Example 2: Baches-Marin
Example 3: Stanec-Eingorn
Example 4: Xie-Kortschnoj
Example 5: Sigurjonsson-Uhlmann
Example 6: Velimirovic-Uhlmann
Example 7: Solak-Nevednichy
Example 8: Donchev-Eingorn
Example 9: Hansen-Agdestein
Example 10: Malovanyi-Marin


Dual Core


Windows 7 or higher


graphics card with 256 MB RAM

DVD-ROM drive

Windows Media Player 9

ChessBase 14/Fritz 16 or included Reader

internet access for program activation


PC Intel i5 (Quadcore)


Windows 10


graphics card with 512 MB RAM or more

100% DirectX10-compatible sound card

Windows Media Player 11

DVD-ROM drive

internet access for program activation
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