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The Modern French Defence Volume 1

Tarrasch and Various Lines
Nivå C-D
Utgivelsesdato November 2020
Pris 260 NOK
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Kryakvin med to nye bøker om å spille Fransk med svart! I denne del 1 er Tarrasch-varianten 3 Sd2 den mest spilte varianten, og her dekkes både 3...c5 og aller mest 3...Sc6.

Forlagets egen omtale:

The French Defence is coming back to fashion again! One of the leaders in the 2020 Candidates tournament, Ian Nepomniachtchi, successfully staked on it. Lately World champion himself also embraced the French several times. A great expert of this opening is the last challenger for the world title Fabiano Caruana. The French became a real arena of the battle of the engines – neural network genius Leela was confidently repelling the attacks of its powerful rivals.

The author’s view on the French allows Black to obtain fresh creative positions without having to compete with deep knowledge in well trodden paths.

The theoretical material is based on the author’s tournament practice, and passed the test at a GM level during the writing of the book.

Volume 1 considers White's move 2 options, including 2.d3, and 2.Qe2, as well as the exchange variation before moving on to the Tarrasch System (3.Nd2) where Kryakvin devotes two chapters to 3..c5; but focuses mainly on playing 3..Nc6; the Guimard Variation.

Om forfatteren Dmitry Kryakvin

Forfatteren er en russisk stormester som gjennom en del år har arbeidet med flere nye talenter som også har blitt stormestere.
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