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The Modernized Ruy Lopez Volume 2

A Complete Repertoire for White
Nivå C-D
Utgivelsesdato Februar 2021
Pris 320 NOK
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Den andre halvdelen av gjennomgangen av et hvitrepertoar med Spansk dekker systemene der svart spiller Lc5 og de lukkede systemene med Le7, pluss gir hvit alternativet å spille d3 i stedet for c3 og d4.

Fra forfatterens forord:

This second volume on the Ruy Lopez consists of two parts. In the first part I focus on modern systems with ...Bc5, attempting to dissect both the Archangelsk and Moller Variations. These two variations have quite a rich history but in 2020 there have been several developments. If I had to name one person that contributed the most to the developments in those lines it is, without a doubt, Fabiano Caruana. His encounters in the Candidates Tournament in Ekaterinburg, then his theoretical discussion in those lines with Leinier Dominguez, revised my opinion on many of those lines and led to interesting discoveries that I analyze in this book.

In the subsequent part I discuss the Closed Ruy Lopez. It is easilyone of the most popular openings throughout the history of chesswith many games occuring as early as the 1800s. I suggest going for 9.h3 which usually leads to a positional battle. I present new trends and find new paths and ideas in such evergreen variations as the Zaitsev, Breyer, Chigorin and others. Additionally, I attempt to crack the Marshall Attack by suggesting the Anti-Marshall lines with 8.a4. I must admit that I thought that it would be a pretty easy task to analyze those openings having some prior analysis and experience with both colors. However, time after time I was encountering new challenges and new ideas from both sides that I had to resolve. My conclusions, based on careful analysis with the most powrful engines currently available is presented in this boo


009 Foreword by Le Quang Liem

010 Introduction

PART I – Systems with ... Bc5

015 Chapter 1 – Moller Defense

057 Chapter 2 – Archangelsk Defense

PART II – Closed Ruy Lopez

105 Chapter 3 – Rare Lines

135 Chapter 4 – Zaitsev Variation

173 Chapter 5 – Chigorin Variation

201 Chapter 6 – Breyer Variation

225 Chapter 7 – Anti-Marshall

PART III – Modern Line with d3

287 Chapter 8 – Rare Lines

297 Chapter 9 – Main Line

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