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The Najdorf Bg5 Revisited, Volume 1

Nivå C-D
Utgivelsesdato November 2021
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En ung polsk stormester serverer det nærmeste vi kommer sannheten om Najdorf-varianten med 6.Lg5 per november 2021. En dypdykkende og brutalt ærlig bok som faktisk ligger et stykke foran kjent åpningsteori.

Forlagets egen omtale:

The Bg5 variation of the Najdorf is the most critical and perhaps the most devastating weapon in the hands of the well-prepared player. In his first book for Thinkers Publishing, Lukasz brings us many sharp and aggressive ways to play for a win. The book consists of so many interesting variations, we decided to split it into two volumes. We can only compliment hirn for writing a most complete book on a highly popular opening, the Najdorf Sicilian.

Born in 1998 Lukasz Jarmula is a 23 year old Polish International Grandmaster. Since 2015 he has represented SV Griesheim in the German Bundesliga. He holds 17 medals from the Polish Youth Championships in all categories: Individual, Team, Rapid and Blitz. In 2016 he shared 2-5th place at the European Youth U18 and in 2014 won the silver medal at the European Youth Team Championship.

Fra forfatterens forord:

This book is an ambitious project. I decided to thoroughly investigate the sharpest line of the Najdorf Variation, namely 6.Bg5, and produce a master repository of the current state of its theory. The book you hold is the result of many months of research and analysis. It is one step ahead of the presently established theory, because I based a lot of my analysis on new correspondence and computer games. During my work, I discovered many subtle nuances as well as spectacular shots. The material can be challenging in its complexity, but also rewarding in its beauty.

The book is intended mainly for advanced and expert players. It is surely worth studying even for very strong grandmasters. In general, the higher your level, the more benefit you will gain from memorizing the lines from the book. However, weaker players can also benefit from studying the material and trying to understand the complex variations. It will certainly improve their tactical intuition. I included a large number of exercises (using critical positions from all the chapters), in which the reader is required to find the best continuation. I believe the process of solving these will greatly help the reader not only to memorize the lines, but also to enhance their tactical and positional skills.

My three most important sources were: Hiarcs 14zb Opening Book, an invaluable tool which provided a tree of the variations based on high-level correspondence and computer games; Parimarjan Negi’s 1.e4 vs The Sicilian I – a modern classicwhich hardly needs any introduction; and David Vigorito’s Playing the Najdorf: A Practical Repertoire, which is (in my opinion) the best book on the Najdorf to date. For other sources see the bibliography.


007 Preface

PART I - Minor Lines

011 Chapter 1 - Other moves than 7.f4

039 Chapter 2 - The Polugaevsky Variation

059 Chapter 3 - The Gothenburg Variation

069 Chapter 4 - The 7 ... Nc6 Variation

073 Chapter 5 - The 7 ... Qc7 Variation

PART II - The Three Piece System

097 Chapter 6 - Other moves than 10.g4

117 Chapter 7 - Other moves than 13.f5

139 Chapter 8 - Mainline with 13.f5

181 Chapter 9 - Black inserts ... h6

PART III - The Gelfand Variation

203 Chapter 10 - Other moves than 8.Qf3

237 Chapter 11 - Other moves than 10.Bd3

257 Chapter 12 - Mainline with 10.Bd3

PART IV - Test Your Knowledge

293 Chapter 13 - Exercises

339 Chapter 14 - Solutions


Om forfatteren Lukasz Jarmula

En teoristerk ung polsk stormester, født i 1998.
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