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The Zaitsev System

Fresh Ideas and New Weapons in the Ruy Lopez
Nivå C-D
Utgivelsesdato Oktober 2016
Pris 320 NOK
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En begivenhet: Alexei Kuzmins bok om sin spesialitet Zaitsev-systemet i Spansk, revitalisert av at svart også har en vei utenom trekkgjentagelsen og remis. Forord av Fabiano Caruna og Peter Svidler og en introduksjon av Igor Zaitsev selv.

Utgangspunktet for det hele er trekkene: 1 e4 e5 2 Sf3 Sc6 3 Lb5 a6 4 La4 Sf6 5 0-0 Le7 6 Te1 b5 7 Lb3 d6 8 c3 0-0 9 h3 Lb7 10 d4. Ideen 10...Te8 og 11...Lf8 har ulempen at hvit kan ta trekkgjentagelsen 11 Sg5 Tf8 12 Sf3, men svart kan i stedet velge den nye "Saratov-varianten" 10...Sd7 11 Sbd2 exd4 12 cxd4 Lf6 13 Sf1 Sa5 14 Lc2 Te8 som denne boka altså handler om i tillegg. Forfatteren sier forøvrig at det tidligste partiet han finner med stilling i den nye varianten, etter trekkomkastning, er Hellers - Tisdall, Oslo 1991 (0-1)!

Caruanas forord:

What makes a good opening book for me? It would have to contain a systematization of the material under scrutiny and, more importantly, a presentation of new and original ideas. You can find such systematizations in any opening book, but in the majority of cases new ideas are kept secret, intended to be used against an
opponent who has not made a deep analysis of certain concrete positions and has limited his preparation to looking at previously played games.

The book
The Zaitsev System by Alexey Kuzmin impressed me especially for this
reason: it offers a huge range of new ideas from the author, updating to a significant degree the evaluation of various popular variations. Thanks to this, the book reflects the state of Zaitsev theory not only of today, but of tomorrow!

Much to my pleasure I have noted that the majority of the author’s novelties
are not exact renderings of the ‘computer’s first lines’ but rather a result of deep analysis. I was highly interested in the author’s new treatment of the most
popular systems of today: 12.a3 and 12.d5, while important improvements in the fashionable variation 11...exd4 12.cxd4 Nd7 are also given.

One more important merit of this book is that Kuzmin focuses on a ‘human
approach’ in his evaluations, that is to say he successfully adapts the results of
computer analyses to the needs of a practical chess player preparing. In short, I can say that during my preparation work for last year’s Candidates
tournament, when Alexey Kuzmin showed me the material he had been working on for this book, it saved me and my seconds considerable time when we were
looking at two topical opening systems: Zaitsev’s system and the new treatment
11...exd4 12.cxd4 Nd7.

In my opinion, the clear recommendations and the detailed explanations of the strategic plans give this book educational value. They make it very useful for chess players of all levels who wish to employ the Zaitsev System as well as to get a better understanding of the basic strategic ideas of the Ruy Lopez as a whole.

Forlagets egen omtale:

The Zaitsev System is one of the most dynamic setups for Black in the ever popular Ruy Lopez chess opening.

When Alexey Kuzmin joined the coaching staff of World Champion Anatoly Karpov in the 1980s he started analysing the Zaitsev System, and later continued his investigations as a second of Alexander Morozevich. For this book he has updated and improved his analysis, and found countless innovations that change the assessments of many lines.

One of the drawbacks of the Zaitsev, some feel, is that White, if he wishes, can make a draw by repetition early on. To avoid this possibility, Kuzmin presents a brand-new weapon, which he calls the Saratov Variation, based on an early exchange on d4, that was never played by either Karpov or Morozevich.

Kuzmin has written a practical guide for Black with extensive verbal explanations of the strategic ideas for both sides. His lucid style combined with ground-breaking analysis has resulted in a unique chess opening book: a guide that is suited for both club players and Grandmasters.

Former World Champion Garry Kasparov once called the Zaitsev System ‘a revelation’. Kuzmin’s book, chock-full of novelties and presenting a most remarkable new plan for Black, can be called a revelation as well.

Igor Zaitsev himself wrote a special introduction.

Alexey Kuzmin is a Russian Grandmaster and a prolific chess author. As a coach he worked with former World Champion Anatoly Karpov and Russian elite GM Alexander Morozevich.

From the foreword by U.S. Champion Fabiano Caruana: “A huge range of new ideas … Very useful for players of all levels.”

From the foreword by seven-time Russian Champion Peter Svidler: “A very useful educational tool for people starting out with the Zaitsev System. Contains a wealth of original ideas which makes it also a very useful source for preparation, even for tournaments of the highest calibre.”

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