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World Champion at the Third Attempt

Nivå C-D
Utgivelsesdato September 1999
Pris 225 100 NOK
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Russeren Sanakojev ble verdensmester i postsjakk i 1992 etter at han tidligere hadde tatt en sjette- og en femteplass i VM-finaler. Det siste og avgjørende partiet vant Sanakojev i et vanskelig sluttspill etter 62 trekk mot nordmannen Edvard Sterud. Dette og 58 andre partier blir her kommentert på en instruktiv måte.

Denne boka har fått særdeles mange rosende anmeldelser

It is rare that a Correspondence World Champion annotates a collection of the finest games from his career with detailed notes that penetrate deeply into the analytical and decision-making process. Yet this is precisely what Grigory Sanakoev (12th World Correspondence Champion, 1985-92) has done, and the result is a book packed with entertainment and instructive value, ideal for study by ambitious players.

"My third choice is World Champion at the Third Attempt by Grigory Sanakoev. This book traces the author's struggle over a period of twenty-five years to fulfil his ambition to become World Correspondence Chess Champion. Since I am basically a correspondence chess player, rarely sitting down at a board to engage my opponent head to head, I can appreciate the problems that he encountered in reaching his goal." - Alan Sutton, being interviewed by Peter Bennett, for 'Desert Island Chess Books,' in Correspondence Chess.

"Delightful... Sanakoev's book is fizzling with humanity and mischief" - Jonathan Speelman, INDEPENDENT

"...many helpful hints for aspiring World Champions...a very interesting and readable book" - Alan Sutton, EN PASSANT

"All in all a fine little book" - Jacob Aagaard, SCHAAKNYTT

"It is very instructive to see a World Champion's choice of opening variations, to try to understand the early middlegame tactics and then how he ruthlessly converts his advantages....excellent" - Alan Borwell, SCOTTISH CORRESPONDENCE CHESS

"Strewn with interesting ideas in the opening, middlegame and endgame. Already a hit in its Russian and German editions, this book will surely delight English speaking readers as well" - John Watson, INSIDE CHESS

"A worthwhile buy for any improving player" - Monroe Morrison, OPEN FILE

"A wealth of chess wisdom and practical hints based on his rigorous Soviet training" - Leonard Barden, FINANCIAL TIMES

"A remarkable introduction into the splendid world of postal chess" - NEW IN CHESS

"A first class collection... the deep annotations hold centre stage. Very highly recommended" - AUSTRALIAN CHESS FORUM

"A book packed with fine games and good advice" - CHESS POST

"This is the best book ever written on correspondence chess. Buy this book! And if there is a friend you know who is curious about correspondence chess, buy him a copy for a gift. This is the best." - Alex Dunne, CORRESPONDENCE CHESS NEWS

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