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Zlotnik's Middlegame Manual

Typical Structures and Strategic Manoeuvres
Nivå C-D
Utgivelsesdato November 2020
Pris 310 NOK
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En grundig midtspillbok i strategi med moderne stormesterpartier glimrende systematisert av forfatteren som er Caruanas tidligere trener. En kombinert innføring og treningsbok som sikkert blir populær.

Forlagets egen omtale:

If you want to improve your middlegame play, you will have to develop a FEEL for positions.

That’s what Boris Zlotnik has been stressing during his long and rich trainer’s career. Clicking through concrete variations (a popular pastime in the computer era) is not enough. To guide your thinking during a game you should be able to fall back on a reservoir of typical ideas and methods.

That is exactly what this book offers you: Zlotnik’s legendary study material about the middlegame, modernized, greatly extended and published in the English language for the first time.

As you familiarize yourself with the most important strategic ideas and manoeuvres in important basic opening structures, you will need less time to discover the clues in middlegame positions. You will find it so much easier to steer your game in the right direction after the opening has ended.

Zlotnik’s Middlegame Manual is accessible to a wide range of post-beginners and club players. It is your passport to a body of instructive material of unparalleled quality, collected during a lifetime of training and coaching chess.

A large collection of exercises, carefully chosen and didactically tuned, will help you drill what you have learned. With a foreword by Fabiano Caruana.

Boris Zlotnik is an International Master from Russia and a prominent chess trainer. For many years he was the director of the legendary Chess Department of the INEF College in Moscow. In 1993 he emigrated to Spain. One of his most successful pupils is Fabiano Caruana, who in 2004, as a 12-year-old, moved to Madrid with his entire family to live near his trainer.

“A must-have for all serious players.” -- From the foreword by Fabiano Caruana.

Fra forordet til Fabiano Caruana:

Boris Zlotnik was my coach in Madrid, Spain, from the Fall of 2004 to the Spring of 2007. It was during this period that my Elo rating increased from less than 2200 to more than 2500, thereby completing my transition from a serious junior player to a very serious adult player.

Zlotnik’s Middlegame Manual is a book with a highly didactic, explanatory character, in which all evaluations and conclusions are supported by deep computer analysis. The book is a thorough study of three important types of pawn structures and three main motifs that return in many openings. Together, these are six essential themes that form an integral part of modern chess, and they have been very thoroughly investigated by Boris. The result is an interesting and productive study for chess players of all levels, including coaches.

Om forfatteren Boris Zlotnik

En russisk sjakktrener og Internasjonal mester som emigrerte til Spania i 1993. Blant annet kjent som trener for Fabiano Caruana i flere år fra han var 12 år gammel.
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