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Basic Opening Strategy

Utgivelsesdato Oktober 2023
Pris 390 NOK
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In this video course you will learn about basic chess opening strategies, which can help you start your chess game. Become familiar with the most famous chess trap, winning in just four moves: Scholar’s Mate - and how to defend against it. But there is so much more!

You will become acquainted with the Golden Rules of the Opening, and the importance of the centre - and what happens if you neglect these aspects. Why it’s usually not a good idea to bring your queen out early, and how to punish this mistake. Did you know your f-pawn is the Achilles heel of your position, and that moving it may lead to immediate catastrophe? Another typical pattern is the bishop pinning the opponent’s knight, as moving it hangs the queen. How to exploit this weak spot in your opponent’s position and learn to deal with this unpleasant motif. Playing the opening optimally doesn’t guarantee victory, but a good start to the game guides you in the right direction. What are you supposed to do after having applied all the basic opening principles? Plus understanding what the positions need from you in the middlegame! 50 exercises have been added, so that you can practice, and see if you are able to apply these general opening rules. But you’ve got to think critically, as every position is unique, and sometimes a standard idea might not be recommended for tactical reasons.

  • Video running time: 4 hours 17 minutes

  • With interactive training including video feedback

  • Database with 50 excercises

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