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A Complete Repertoire based on 1 b3 and 1 b6

Nivå B-D
Utgivelsesdato Mars 2019
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To kjekke åpningsbøker "Play 1...b6" og "Nimzo-Larsen Attack" er her slått sammen nærmest til prisen av én. En behagelig åpningsbok som dekker systemer der du og ikke motspilleren din temmelig sikkert blir mest på hjemmebane.

I Nimzo-Larsen Attack dekkes både 1 b3 og 1 Sf3 fulgt av 2 b3, som altså unngår muligheten 1...e5. Begge bøkene er bygget rundt hele partier som blir godt kommentert. For spillere med ratingnivå fra cirka 1200 og opp i mesterklassen.

Forlagets egen omtale:

Two great books from the Everyman Chess Library, play 1…b6! a dynamic and hypermodern opening system for Black by Christian Bauer and Nimzo Larsen Attack by Byron Jacobs and Jonathan Tait, brought together in one volume.

Fed up with getting difficult positions with the black pieces? Tired of always having to keep up with all the latest developments. Take a break from the mountains of opening theory and play 1...b6! With the move, preparing a bishop fianchetto, Black immediately directs the game into relatively uncharted territory, one where White players are not able to sit back and rely on their 'opening book' knowledge.

The real beauty of 1...b6 is that it can be played against virtually every single first move by White, so it is a perfect choice for Black players with neither the time nor inclination to memorise a multitude of different defences. Despite being relatively unexplored, 1...b6 has been the weapon of some dynamic and uncompromising world-class players, including Britain's first Grandmaster, the late Tony Miles.

In this revolutionary book, Christian Bauer reveals for the first time the secrets of how to play 1...b6 with success. He takes an in-depth look at both the main lines and White's more offbeat tries, creating a comprehensive repertoire for the Black player and highlighting the tactical and positional ideas for both players. In Nimzo-Larsen Attack, Byron Jacobs and Jonathan Tait explain how you can use this dynamic opening to attack your opponent from move one. The Nimzo-Larsen Attack has been unfairly neglected in recent times, and this book aims to redress the balance.

Samlebok, som inkluderer originalen: Play 1...b6 [PAPERBACK]
Samlebok, som inkluderer originalen: Nimzo-Larsen Attack [PAPERBACK]
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