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Comprehensive Chess Course vol 1

Learn Chess in 12 Lessons (Fifth Enlarged Edition)
Nivå A-B
Utgivelsesdato April 2011
Pris 185 NOK
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A complete, easy-to-use program for teaching and self-study of chess, in this series of books co-written by Roman Pelts and Lev Alburt, Grandmaster of Chess and three-time U.S. Chess Champion.

Amateur chess players have a new weapon in the battle to improve their game. Based on the famous, formerly secret "From Beginner to Master" course of study developed over decades in the Soviet Union, the Comprehensive Chess Course provides students with all the essential information they need to learn chess and then to improve their skills steadily and efficiently.

The contents of this book and its companion volume 2 (sold separately) include every diagram and every problem, and leave little to chance. The Course is filled with what has worked well in practice in Russian classrooms and teaches all the rules of chess, all the fundamentals, and how to visualize the board and pieces―the prerequisite for success in chess. Chess diagrams throughout

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