French Winawer

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The highly fashionable French Winawer remains the sharpest variation of the French Defence. It leads to the kind of dynamic positions in which the better prepared and most aggressive player will invariably prevail. In this book leading expert, Neil McDonald clearly and concisely explains the strategy and tactics.

Up-to-date coverage of one of the most popular modern opening variations

Written by Grandmaster Neil McDonald, one of England`s most popular chess authors

Provides everything you need to start playing the French Winawer straightaway

Ideal battle manual for club and tournament players


004 Bibliography
005 Introduction
Part One: Main Lines (4.e5 c5 5.a3 Lxc3+ 6.bxc3 Se7)
019 - 1: Tactical Main Line with 7.Dg4 Dc7
042 - 2: Tactical Main Line with 7.Dg4 0-0 and 7---Kf8
068 - 3: Positional Main Lines (7.Sf3, 7.h4 and 7.a4)

Part Two: Other Lines
081 - 4: Winawer 'Declined': 4.e5 c5 5.a3 La5
091 - 5: White`s Fifth Move Alternatives after 4.e5 c5
105 - 6: Positional Fourth Moves for White: 4.Dd3, 4.exd5, 4.Ld3, 4.Se2 (and 4.e5 Dd7)
123 - 7: Tactical Fourth Moves for White: 4.a3, 4.Ld2 and 4.Dg4
143 Index of Complete Games
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