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Genius. Champion. Child.
Utgivelsesdato Desember 2016
Pris 215 NOK
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Kinofilmen om og med Magnus Carlsen, i DVD-format. Engelsk utgave uten norsk teksting. En rørende film som det er verdt å se.

Utgiverens omtale

Magnus is the moving and inspirational true story of the Norwegian boy who, in his early twenties, managed to achieve and maintain the highest rating in chess history, going on to become the greatest chess champion of modern times. Through the glare of flashbulbs and the jostling of officials, we go deep inside the world of a uniquely gifted child-prodigy, applying a hitherto unseen instinctive playfulness to the serious mental sport of chess.

Director Benjamin Ree’s thought-provoking documentary takes us on a ten-year journey, tracing the earliest developments of Magnus’ life, as he rises to the pinnacle of his career. Through unprecedented access to home movies and Magnus’ inner circle we are permitted a look at the dramatic highs and lows of the emergence of a modern genius known widely as ‘The Mozart of chess’.
Arrow Films

Detaljert info
Type DVD
Språk Engelsk
Spilletid 01:15

Produktet er en del av serien MAGNUS CARLSEN

Vår egen sjakk-konge Magnus Carlsen. Bøker, filmer og annet.

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