Video/DVD Midtspill og sjakktrening Strategi og planlegging

Power Strategy 2

The Middlegame - Static Positions
Nivå B-D
Utgivelsesdato April 2015
Pris 340 NOK
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Stormester Mihail Marins nye DVD er et nytt intelligent bidrag til sjakkforståelsen vår, og servert på en interaktiv måte med ypperlig trening som alle ChessBase sine nye DVD'er nå byr på.

ChessBase sin egen omtale:

In chess, like in the real life, one frequently faces temptations: to grab a pawn, to occupy an open file, to start a kingside attack and so on. There is nothing basically wrong with all these, but before undertaking such a concrete action one should be sure the position is ripe for it.

Chess is so complicated that making the right choice by pure calculation is not always possible. This is when general rules and principles come to help us distinguish between what we would like to do and what we actually should do at a certain stage of the game. In other words, it is a matter of establishing the right order of priorities.

This series of DVDs aims to prove the importance of taking the good old principles into account before choosing the direction for concrete over the board calculation.

The second DVD deals with the middlegame positions where static factors play a determining part, permanently taking into account the inseparable dynamic and tactical elements. The videos are interactive, featuring training questions in the critical moments. You can further sharpen your skills with the included database, which contains games covering themes that correspond to the ideas presented on the DVD.

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Type DVD
Språk Engelsk
Spilletid 04:37

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