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Risk & Bluff in Chess

The Art of Taking Calculated Risks
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Utgivelsesdato Juli 2015
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Tukmakov, en stor Sovjetspiller på 70- og 80-tallet og i dag trener for Anish Giri, leverer en ny spennende bok om det daglige sjakktemaet å ta en kalkulert risiko, som det ikke er skrevet så mye om.

Kapitler i boka:

  • Mikhail Tal: The Start of a New Era
  • Bluff in the Opening
  • The Madness of the Brave
  • The Logic of the Irrational
  • By Right of the Strong
  • Masculine Desperation
  • In the Grip of Passion
  • When a Win is the Only Acceptable Result
  • The Last Chance!

Forlagets egen omtale:

You cannot win in chess without taking risks. Winning requires courage and psychology. No matter how deep you calculate, there always comes a point where you have to deal with uncertainties and take a decision.

What is carefully calculated risk, and what is bluff? And why were famous players like Lasker and Tal so successful with both? They realized that chess is not a science. Emotions also play a role behind the board. If you can guess what your opponent is feeling and thinking, you are ahead of him.

When your main aim is to derail your opponent’s calculation by weaving a web of deception, you engage in the highest form of risk: bluff.

Renowned chess coach Vladimir Tukmakov has played against, and worked with, quite a few chess greats. Many of them told him frankly about their thoughts and feelings during crucial games.

These stories became the foundation of a collection of more than 100 practical ways that masters and grandmasters have used to push beyond the limits of calculation and take a deliberate risk. It works – even at the highest level! Tukmakov shows how to trick your opponent into believing your bluff.

After studying this book, with its many fascinating and often funny examples, you will think twice before wasting an opportunity to do what even the greatest players do: bluff your way to victory!

Grandmaster Vladimir Tukmakov (born 1946 in Odessa) had a rich career as a chess player. He finished second in three Soviet championships and won the Ukrainian championship. After his active career he became an esteemed chess coach. He was the non-playing captain of the Ukrainian team that won gold at the 36th Chess Olympiad and currently he is the coach of the Dutch chess star Anish Giri.

Praise for 'Modern Chess Preparation', by Vladimir Tukmakov:

Martin Rieger, Rochade Europa Magazine: "Tukmakov has created a unique symbiosis: a training book with stories. Qualifications such as 'brilliant' or 'wonderful' are really far too stale for this work (..) This book will most probably become a classic in chess literature."

IM Jeremy Silman, author of 'How to Reassess Your Chess': "A fascinating and original (useful!) book about chess prep, but not the kind you've ever been exposed to before (..) Exhilarating reading (..) This chapter [2: 'The Computer Era'] is nothing less than brilliant (..) Overall this book is beautifully written and deeply thought out."

Carsten Hansen, ChessCafe: "The last chapter, 'Deciding Games', makes for fascinating reading. It is clearly a subject that has not been covered in great detail in any book that I can think of. It discusses how to approach those key games that can be last-round deciders, but even crucial games earlier in the tournament against key opponents."

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