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Silman's Chess Odyssey

Cracked Grandmaster Tales, Legendary Players, and Instruction and Musings
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Utgivelsesdato Juni 2022
Pris 350 NOK
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Et overflødighetshorn av en personlig sjakkbok fra den suverene forfatteren IM Jeremy Silman. Her er både memoarer, undervisning, fotografier og ikke minst sjakkhistorie, alt fordelt over 549 sider. En herlig bok.

Silman serverer både lærerikt sjakkstoff og underholdende sjakkhistorisk lesning, aller mest amerikansk sjakk fra 1800- og 1900-tallet. Mange av de sterke profilene har han truffet selv, og dels spilt mot.

Forlagets egen omtale:

From the bestselling author of How to Reassess Your Chess and Silman’s Complete Endgame Course comes a new book. Part instructional, part history, and part memoir, International Master Jeremy Silman pays homage to the game he loves. Chess is a strategic battle, a struggle for power and dominance. It can become an obsession, or can simply be a game to be enjoyed. When played at its highest level it is an art form.

In Chess Odyssey Silman touches on all these aspects of the game. Starting on the light side with behind-the-scenes tales of tournament life, Silman’s Chess Odyssey then takes a serious turn to history, and profiles the life and careers of eleven legendary players (Adolf Anderssen, Ignatz Kolisch, Johannes Zukertort, Siegbert Tarrasch, Wilhelm Steinitz, Emanuel Lasker, Frank Marshall, Rudolf Spielmann, Alexander Alekhine, Salo Flohr, Efim Geller) including over 275 games with diagrams and analysis.

In the third part of this 540 page tome Silman, writes of criminals who were also talented chess players, discusses an odd series of game at a historic interzonal tournament, and memorializes some friends.

Known as one of the premiere instructional chess writers and teachers, part four concentrates on just that and includes a smattering of material on openings, imbalances, tactics, chess psychology, and FAQ.

Illustrated thoughout with black & white photographs.

Jeremy Silman is an International Master and a world-class teacher, writer, and player who has won the American Open, the National Open, and the U.S. Open. Considered by many to be the game's preeminent instructive writer, he is the author of over thirty-seven books, including How to Reassess your Chess, Silman's Complete Endgame Course, The Amateur's Mind, The Complete Book of Chess Strategy, and The Reassess Your Chess Workbook.


Part One — Cracked Grandmaster Tales 1

  1. Rosendo Balinas and the Cup of Honey 3
  2. Igor Ivanov and the Game that Wasn’t a Game 5
  3. A Tribute to Igor Ivanov 7
  4. Walter Browne and the Curse of the Faulty Glasses 9
  5. Miguel Najdorf and the Dirty Trick 12
  6. More Najdorf Fun 15
  7. Tigran Petrosian Hunts Me Down 17
  8. Vassily Smyslov and the Psychic Premonition21
  9. Thrashed by Alla Kushnir 23
  10. The Hidden Three-Time Repetition 28
  11. Tal in Disneyland 30
  12. Silman Draws a Little Girl 33
  13. How Not to Eat Dessert 35
  14. A Lesson in Indian Chess 36
  15. How I Became a Simultaneous Villain 39
  16. The Greatest Chess Storyteller of All Time 40
  17. A Cold War Moment 44
  18. Welcome to Provo 45
  19. Celebrities Gone Wild 46
  20. Arthur Dake and the Nosey Chess Politicians 48
  21. George Koltanowski Does Me a Favor 51
  22. Carlos Castaneda and the Penthouse Suite 55

Part Two — Legendary Players 57

  1. Adolf Anderssen: Mr. Slice and Dice! 59
  2. Ignatz Kolisch: Unknown Tactical Monster 77
  3. Johannes Zukertort: Master of Dynamics 85
  4. Siegbert Tarrasch: Renaissance Man 91
  5. Wilhelm Steinitz: Behold the Austrian Morphy! 101
  6. Emanuel Lasker: A Positional and Tactical Mystery! 137
  7. Frank Marshall: How to Build a Chess Champion 187
  8. Rudolf Spielmann: The Lethal Gentleman 254
  9. Alexander Alekhine: A Dance With Death 273
  10. Salo Flohr: The Fickle Winds of Fate 345
  11. Efim Geller: Killer on the Chessboard 359

Part Three — Portraits and Stories 377

  1. Chess Criminals and the Games They Play379
  2. The Amazing Argentinian Chess Tragedy 387
  3. In Memoriam to Some Friends 393
  4. Steve Brandwein 395
  5. Dave (aka Bandog) 402
  6. John Grefe 404
  7. Parting with the Lady 411
    1. When Men Were Men 413

Part Four — Musings, Theory, Instruction, and FAQs 420

  1. My Favorite Classic Games 423
  2. A Word about Openings 449
  3. The Black Knight's Tango (or the Mexican Defense) 449
  4. Overextending Your Pawns with Black e5 453
  5. Two Years Opening Preparation 454
  6. Psychology at the Board 460
  7. The. Masked Grandmaster (The Greatest Amateur Game of All Time)475
  8. Brutal Tactics and Positional Tactics 483
  9. Very Old Combinations 490
  10. Train Your Brain! Target Consciousness 499
  11. Computers 510
    1. FAQ 513
  12. Can Anyone Become a Grandmaster? 513
  13. Do Titled Players Blunder? 518
  14. The Time Trouble Blues 525
  15. Imbalances 529
  16. What in the World is a Chess Style? 532
  17. Over-the-Board Code of Conduct 534
  18. A Gentleman's Game?
  19. Things That Go Down Your Throat at a Chess Tournament 537
  20. Rollercoasters of Hell 538
  21. Time Management 539
  22. Blindfold Chess 540
  23. Index 543
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Antall sider 549

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