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Sveshnikov vs. the Anti-Sicilians

A Complete Repertoire for Black
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Siciliansk-spesialisten Sveshnikov serverer selvfølgelig en interessant bok, med sin egen og andres aktuelle praksis i ulike "anti-sicilianske" systemer, etter 1 e4 c5 altså andre fortsettelser enn 2 Sf3.

To av dem, 2 c3 og 2 f4, har han også stor erfaring med som hvit.

Forlagets undertittel til boka, "A Complete Repertoire for Black", tilsier noe litt mer systematisk enn denne boka legger opp til. Til gjengjeld er det også en svært interessant og leseverdig sjakkbok fra den kunnskapsrike stormesteren.

Fra forordet:

In my lectures and articles, I have already pointed out that in the Sicilian, the main battle revolves around the squares d4 and e5. From this point of view, the moves 2.c3 and 2.f4 are very important; it is not by chance that I have devoted my two previous monographs to these moves, books which, I am pleased to say, have been very well received, both by professionals and amateurs. Undoubtedly, the main move against the Sicilian is 2.Nf3, and in this new book, we will already start to ex- amine it, although on the way, there are also such other moves as 2.c4, 2.d4, 2.g3, 2.Nc3 and several others. We have no right to skip these , since if you wish to play the Sicilian Defence, as Black, you will meet these so-called ‘side lines’ regularly in your practice.

To quote my own experience, I almost always answer 1.e4 with 1...c5, and the move 2.Nf3 is chosen against me in l ess than half of my games. So I would like to dispel immediately the illusion that the side lines are unimportant and rarely seen. Opponents avoid the main lines out of practical considerations, so as to take me out of the oryut disappointment a waits them, as they merely run into other, equally well-prepared lines. There are no ‘green field sites’ in the Sicilian – everything has been studied and analysed. For me personally, the most unpleasant thing is when the opponent plays 5 or 10 moves of a main line, and then comes up with some-thing new. But when their ‘creativity’ starts after 2-3 moves, then I just clap myhands in glee! It may seem that one can play 2.a3 or 2.Na3,so as to avoid theory. But after reading this book,you willknow what to do after such moves also.Forlagets omtale:The Sicilian efence is Black’s most popular reply to 1.e4. Most Black players hope for an Open Sicilian, seeking unbalanced positions and opportunities to play for a win.

No wonder that in roughly one-third of the games White does not play 2.Nf3 and chooses one of numerous ‘Anti-Sicilian’ lines.

Ranging from primitive and agressive to respected but tedious, these Anti-Sicilians have one thing in common: they all cross Black's plans and steer for territories where it is easy to get ambushed.

Evgeny Sveshnikov offers help. The world-famous Sicilian expert tackles these annoying lines one by one. With great ingenuity he presents a watertight repertoire that consists of practical and effective opening ideas.

As always, Sveshnikov is quite explicit in his judgments, never afraid to challenge established ideas. To test your understanding of his systems, he has included dozens of exercises.

Grandmaster Evgeny Sveshnikov, a former trainer of world champion Anatoly Karpov, is one of the most respected chess opening experts in the world. He recently published the bestselling opening monographs The Complete c3 Sicilian and The Grand-Prix Attack.

Carsten Hansen, ChessCafe, on The Complete c3 Sicilian (978-90-5691-329-8): “By far the best book ever written on this opening. Beyond that it teaches a bundle of things about chess in general.”

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