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The Moves that Matter

A Chess Grandmaster on the Game of Life
Utgivelsesdato November 2019
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The Moves that Matter


I stedet for "Sjakken eller livet" har stormester Jonathan Rowson skrevet "Sjakken og livet". Som profesjonell filosof og skribent leverer han en engasjert, leseverdig, tankevekkende, medrivende og analytisk bok om livene våre og sjakkspillet. Blir en ny klassiker på dette området!

Forlagets egen omtale:

From Grandmaster and three-time British Chess Champion, a passionate exploration of what it means to find fulfilment and lasting value in life. Chess is just a game in the way that the heart is just a muscle. Long known as a cut-throat metaphor for warfare or business, this ancient game of strategy and self-discipline is revealed to be a singularly resonant metaphor for the challenges, thrills and set-backs that fill our daily lives with meaning and complexity.

Jonathan Rowson's competitive success as a Grandmaster and his work as a philosopher of public policy have given him a unique perspective on why the game of chess is more important than ever for understanding the conflicts and uncertainties of the modern world. In sixty-four witty and addictive vignettes, Rowson takes us on an exhilarating tour of 'the game of life', from the psychology of gang violence, to the aesthetics of cyborgs, the beauty of technical details, and the endgame of death.

Chess emerges as a rich and endlessly evocative way of thinking about the desires that shape the world around us. The Moves That Matter celebrates the redeeming power of intense concentration, but it also offers a humane and compassionate account of our interdependence and need for community. Jonathan Rowson reveals, one move at a time, what it means to love or care deeply in the intricate game of life.

Omtaler av denne boka:

At a time when we urgently need new ways to think about the challenge of creating a meaningful life – far more than we need conventional self-help advice – Jonathan Rowson has written a powerfully unconventional and mind-expanding book. This work is a fascinating insight into the inner world of the chess Grandmaster, a place I'd otherwise barely have been able to imagine; but it is also a generous, nuanced and witty meditation on confronting the challenges life throws at us all.” – Oliver Burkeman, author of THE ANTIDOTE,

“What a beautiful, thoughtful work. I see thinking in a fresh light. I see my own life in a fresh light as well.” – David Bodanis, author of E=MC2 and EINSTEIN'S GREATEST MISTAKE,

Om forfatteren Jonathan Rowson

Jonathan Rowson hadde en imponerende karriere ved sjakkbrettet, ble stormester og britisk mester, og skrev noen propulære og prisbelønte sjakkbøker, før han la hele konkurransesjakken på hylla. Senere har han markert seg som filosof og skribent utenfor sjakken. Han har grunnlagt instituttet "Perspectiva" som undersøker forhold mellom komplekse globale utfordringer og menneskenes indre liv.
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