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Understanding the Scandinavian

A reliable and challenging system for Black
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Utgivelsesdato Januar 2016
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En frisk ny bok om Skandinavisk. Forfatteren legger størst vekt på 1 e4 d5 2 exd5 Dxd5 3 Sc3 Dd6, men dekker litt også alternativene 3... Da5 og Dd8, sistnevnte bygget på partiet Caruana - Carlsen 0-1 fra OL i Tromsø.

Også 2... Sf6 har et kapittel i denne overkommelige boka som fokuserer på ferskt materiale og dagens status for åpningen. Boka tar utgangspunkt i sitatet av Bent Larsen da han etter seieren over Karpov i 1979 konstaterte at Skandinavisk er en forbedret utgave av Caro-Kann.

Forlagets egen omtale:

The appeal of the Scandinavian Defence is easy to understand: it is very forcing – Black is virtually guaranteed to get his desired structure. There are no annoying ‘Anti-Scandinavians’ to study!

But for many decades the Scandinavian was regarded with some suspicion, as Black apparently loses time recapturing on d5. Modern players have a different view.

The great Danish player Bent Larsen kickstarted the revolution with his provocative assertion that it is an improved Caro-Kann (and, not least, beating Karpov with our opening)!

But the 21st-century Scandinavian is a different beast altogether; the new main line of the whole opening (3...Qd6) has proven to have great strategic richness, with more than a few tactical tricks lurking just behind the scenes.

The Scandinavian has been transformed into an opening that strong grandmasters are willing to use as their main defence, rather than as an occasional surprise weapon.

This thoroughly modern guide focuses on these new approaches, while also covering the more traditional main lines. Kasparov guides the reader carefully through each system, explaining his recommendations with wit and clarity. With his help, you will have your opponents wishing there really were some ‘Anti-Scandinavian’ lines!

Sergey Kasparov is a grandmaster from Belarus. He plays regularly in international events around the globe and is an experienced writer, with several books and online reports to his credit.

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