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Chess Combinations World Champions 1

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Utgivelsesdato Juni 2012
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En samling av nær alle kombinasjonene til de ni første verdensmesterne i sjakk, fra Steinitz til og med Petrosjan, tilsammen hele 1455 stykker.

Denne innbundne boka er første av to bind og faktisk et nytt konsept. En fin oppgavesamling for praktisk sjakktrening. Den er språkløs bortsett fra en kort innledning på fire språk.

Forlagets omtale:

The combination is an integral element of chess. According to the teachings of Wilhelm Steinitz, it is the logical outcome of positional play, while, in the descriptive expression of Saviely Tartakower, it personifies the triumph of mind over matter. From time immemorial numerous combinative motifs have been known, expressed in studies and various contrived positions, but the deepest and most subtle ideas, in the opinion of Emanuel Lasker, 'are given to us only by practical games, just as the greatest creations are made not by artists, but by nature...'

This book is a collection of the best examples of combinative play from the games of the first nine official world champions. It presents a diverse range of tactical proecedures. Here there are Steinitz's clever attacks, Lasker's fine sacrifices, Capablanca's famous 'little combinations', Euwe's cunning ideas and the lengthy, explosive attacks of Alekhine and Tal. Such great strategists as Botvinnik and Petrosian also liked to make combinations.

All his life Mikhail Moiseevich was proud of his wonderful combination against Capablanca, while Tigran Vartanovich devised his 'trademark' sacrifice of the exchange. I have always regarded the combination not only as an effective procedure, but also an expression of harmony in chess, and so throughout my career I have been composing studies, the total numnber of which now comprises about a hundred.

This book is a good instructional aid and will be useful in helping young players to improve.

Vasily Smyslov , 7th world champion

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