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The Computer Chess World

How to make the most of chess software
Utgivelsesdato Desember 2021
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En moderne bok om sjakkprogrammer, hvordan de er bygget opp og hvordan forfatterne mener de kan brukes til stor framgang i sjakk. En del konkrete opplysninger og tips om hvordan nyttiggjøre seg programmene best mulig.

Forfatterne gir mange eksempler på hvordan programmer har tenkt og spilt. Ellers er en del av innholdet teknisk. Forfatterne diskuterer også ulike produkter inkludert det ganske nye Alpha-Chess som de selv står bak.


Our catastrophic game ends. After a few brief words with the opponent, we rush to the hotel room, switch the laptop on, then the engine, and check the main mistakes. As our silicon counselor blurts out variations and evaluations, our tension slowly eases and we can finally claim we could have won: at one point, we had a clear advantage (+2.34). This is actually pointless! If, instead, you think this is the right path towards chess greatness, please feel free to leave this book: it won't help you.

Engines are truly the future of chess preparations: this volume will provide an over view of chess hardware and software to exploit all their potential. We model a precise system to use engines, Uls, and databases at their fullest, as nowadays they are still rather abused. This book will make the time you spend on chess software actually useful, optimized, and planned; analyses and searches, repertoires and trees, games and evaluations: they will be a puzzle to you no longer.

Følgende av stormester Liem Le:

Being the Director and Head Coach of Webster University Chess Team, I am always looking for ways to help my team in their chess journey. As computer bare clearly changed the tay chess players work in the last decade, their use in chess analysis naturally interests me.

I had the opportunity to work with Andrea Manzo, co-author of The Computer Chess World, and teacher of a course at Webster University, for which this book is the main textbook. During this course, we learned many interesting concepts regarding the way engines work Most were previously unfamiliar to me, yet they were quite important! We were also given specific and practical advice on optimizing chess software and hardware. Overall, I find this book interesting and useful for all kinds of chess players.

Grand Master Liem Le

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